Terra Bio Soc. Coop
Terra Bio is a group of 80 organic farming and processing plants. In 1997, they decided to unite their strengths and experiences by forming a cooperative society in order to meet the various needs of the market and the organic consumers. Since many years, the cooperative is dedicated to the production, storage, drying, cleaning, selecting, packaging and marketing of loose or packed organic primary products, food and seeds. Our co-operative society is strictly organic and fulfils the requirements of the EU eco-regulations nos. 834/2007 and 889/2008 and all subsequent amendments hereto. Besides this, we are certified to the stringent standards of Naturland , N.O.P. and BioSuisse . Accordingly we are examined at regular intervals by CCPB srl (Controllo e Certificazione Prodotti Biologici), an organic inspection body. From March, the 7., 2011, Terra Bio is a EU Authorised Seed Production Company.